We are committed to deliver efficient, reliable and technically advanced compression solutions for the full range of oil & gas production and processing applications.

We are a company specialized in supplying our customers with centrifugal compressor with various types of units with a wide selection of frame sizes and configurations to meet pressure, flow, and application demands.

We offer a full range of industrial turbo-compressors including: Single Stage range, Single Shaft Multistage Horizontal Split, Single shaft multistage vertical split, Multistage Integrally Geared, Peripheral Compressor.


Horizontal split centrifugal compressor

This figure shows a structural diagram of a horizontal split centrifugal compressor. Multiple impellers are attached to a single rotating shaft, for a multi-stage structure.

The gas enters through the intake nozzle, and is compressed and pressurized by centrifugal force as it passes through the impellers, which are rotating at high speed, before being ejected through the ejection nozzle. With this type of compressor, the outer casing can be split in the horizontal direction, facilitating the maintenance of internal parts.

The red parts are the critical shaft and impellers. The photos below show magnified views of the impeller, clearly illustrating the three-dimensional design of the internal blades.

Vertical split centrifugal compressor

Vertically split compressors are used for hydrogen and other light gases and applications with a high pressure of about 4-35 MPa, and are capable of high-speed stable operation at rotation speeds of up  to about 15,000 revolutions per minute.

The internal bundle (diaphragm and shaft) can be pulled out in the axial direction for maintenance.