We use most efficient and reliable gas grid and network injection solution possible for verity of natural gas used at both marine and onshore applications.

Aydintek provides screw compressor packages in different sizes with different horsepower. Depending on the customers’ requirements, we can supply rotary screw compressors from many esteemed European manufacturers.

For replacing old compression packages we supply packages which are built with similar design requirements, components, and manufacturing processes as our clients’ compressors.

Based on your needs and your requirements, rotary screw compressor designs would be integrated as a booster to a reciprocating compressor. The combined screw-reciprocating compressor package offers a wide range of operating conditions, including operation at very low inlet gas pressures. The controls can be integrated so the units perform well together.


Screw Compressors types:

  • Lubricated rotary screw with high efficient rotor profile
  • Mechanical shaft seal (prevents fluid from escaping from screw element)
  • Separated oil scavenged back to rotary screw Plate gas cooler
  • Minimum pressure valve Limit inlet/outlet flanges.